John the Baptist

One of the most fascinating personalities to emerge from the land of Israel in the first century was John the Baptizer.  John appears in all four of the Gospels as well as in the writings of the first century Jewish historian Josephus, who has more to say about John than Jesus.   A son of

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Tel Maresha of Beit Guvrin Archaeological

We spent the morning at the Archaeological Seminars Institute at the site of Tel Maresha of Beit Guvrin. Tel Maresha, in the area of Beit Guvrin, ancestral home of King Herod.  With many underground caves of man-made rooms are being systematically cleaned and given evidence to industrial complexes dating from the Hellenistic period and finding

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Marc Turnage and Dr. Mordechai Aviam
El-Araj Shovel Testing Survey: Day Five

Day 5: Thursday   We arrived at 8:00 a.m. at el-Araj for the last day of the survey.  We continued digging and sifting the square that had proved fruitful the day before.  We opened one last square.  In total we opened eleven squares over the course of the survey.  The sifting uncovered more sherds of

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El-Araj Shovel Testing Survey: Day Four

We arrived at 8:00am at el-Araj.  We continued digging the square that we opened yesterday, and opened two more squares.  One of the new squares provided very little diagnostic pottery.  The other new square, however, provided many rims, which allow for dating of the pottery, and some mosaic tesserae.  Also, the column protruding from the

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